A-Pak® Divider Clip or Burst Seal

The A-Pak® Burst Seal with Needle Adapter

Our new A-Pak® Burst Seal with Needle Adapter offers the advantages of a syringe applicator in an environmentally friendly alternative.  As a result you receive pin-point dispensing accuracy for your two-part resin system without the cost and hassle of shipping and storing at sub-zero temperatures.

Initially designed for high-end optical/conductive materials it is currently offered in sizes ranging from 2-9 grams. The new A-Pak® Burst Seal with Needle Adapter incorporates our “burst” seal technology for instant mixing/dispensing of two part resin systems.


  1. Roll pouch toward burst seal
  2. Apply thumb pressure to break burst seal
  3. Mix thoroughly on table top or any 90° surface until well mixed
  4. Remove plug from outlet
  5. Insert long end of adapter into outlet
  6. Screw needle onto adapter and remove plastic protector from needle
  7. Dispense – For best results roll straight end of pouch towards outlet.