Static Mixers

SULZER MIXPAC® manufactures a wide variety of static mixers (also called motionless mixers) that are used with meter mix and dispensing machines and hand held cartridge dispensing systems. Included in the line of static mixers are the Statomix® and Quadro® brands.

Cartridge Dispensing Static Mixers

MCH & MCHX Static Mixers For use with C-200 & C-400 Cartridges

MFH & MFHX Static Mixers For use with F-200 & F-400 Cartridges

MAH & MHX Static Mixers For use with A-50 Cartridges

MBH & MBHX Static Mixers For use with S-50 Cartridges

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  1. MAHX 05-17T Static Mixer
    MAHX 05-17T Static Mixer
    Length: 103.7mm
    Content Volume: 1.53ml
    As low as $1.04
  2. MBH 05-20T Static Mixer
    MBH 05-20T Static Mixer
    Length: 132.8mm
    Content Volume: 2.37ml
    As low as $1.15
  3. MBH 05-16T Static Mixer
    MBH 05-16T Static Mixer
    Length: 111.8mm
    Content Volume: 2.04ml
    As low as $1.11
  4. MAH 05-21T Static Mixer
    MAH 05-21T Static Mixer
    Length: 124mm
    Content Volume: 2.01ml
    As low as $0.84
  5. MAH 05-17T Static Mixer
    MAH 05-17T Static Mixer
    Length: 103.6mm
    Content Volume: 1.68ml
    As low as $0.75
  6. MAH 05-13T Static Mixer
    MAH 05-13T Static Mixer
    Length: 84.6mm
    Content Volume: 1.36ml
    As low as $0.71
  7. MAH 05-07T Static Mixer
    MAH 05-07T Static Mixer
    Length: 81.6mm
    Content Volume: 0.75ml
    As low as $0.70
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