MAH & MHX Series Static Mixers

SULZER MIXPAC® manufactures the STATOMIX® MAH Series static mixers which feature simple twist-lock mounting. They were developed for 50 ml and 75 ml cartridge systems.

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  1. MAH 06-21T Static Mixer
    MAH 06-21T Static Mixer
    Length: 153mm
    Content Volume: 3.57ml
    As low as $0.72
  2. MAH 06-21L Static Mixer
    MAH 06-21L Static Mixer
    Length: 151.5mm
    Content Volume: 3.33ml
    As low as $0.72
  3. MAH 06-17T Static Mixer
    MAH 06-17T Static Mixer
    Length: 128mm
    Content Volume: 2.92ml
    As low as $0.71
  4. MAH 06-12T Static Mixer
    MAH 06-12T Static Mixer
    Length: 97mm
    Content Volume: 2.08ml
    As low as $0.64
  5. MAH 05-21T Static Mixer
    MAH 05-21T Static Mixer
    Length: 124mm
    Content Volume: 2.01ml
    As low as $0.84
  6. MAH 05-17T Static Mixer
    MAH 05-17T Static Mixer
    Length: 103.6mm
    Content Volume: 1.68ml
    As low as $0.75
  7. MAH 05-13T Static Mixer
    MAH 05-13T Static Mixer
    Length: 84.6mm
    Content Volume: 1.36ml
    As low as $0.71
  8. MAH 05-07T Static Mixer
    MAH 05-07T Static Mixer
    Length: 81.6mm
    Content Volume: 0.75ml
    As low as $0.70
  9. MAH 04-17S Static Mixer
    MAH 04-17S Static Mixer
    Length: 81.6mm
    Content Volume: 0.75ml
    As low as $0.63
  10. MAH 04-13S Static Mixer
    MAH 04-13S Static Mixer
    Length: 66mm
    Content Volume: 0.6ml
    As low as $0.63
  11. MAH 03-17S Static Mixer
    MAH 03-17S Static Mixer
    Length: 62.2mm
    Content Volume: 0.34ml
    As low as $0.63
  12. MAH 03-13S Static Mixer
    MAH 03-13S Static Mixer
    Length: 50.6mm
    Content Volume: 0.29ml
    As low as $0.63
  13. MAH 03-07S Static Mixer
    MAH 03-07S Static Mixer
    Length: 33.2mm
    Content Volume: 0.19ml
    As low as $0.63
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