MBH & MBHX Series Static Mixers

SULZER MIXPAC® manufactures the STATOMIX® MBH Series cartridge static mixers developed for the MIXPAC® S-50 System. The unique interface with separated outlets between cartridge and static mixer eliminates the possibility of cross contamination and avoids plugged cartridges. An enhanced design of the mixer allows for the mixing and dispensing of higher viscosity adhesives. Higher dispensing pressures also allow for the use of smaller static mixers, promoting less waste. Shorter mixers make it easier to place mixed adhesive precisely where you want it. A color-coding system has been implemented with this new MIXPAC® S-50 System to help the user easily identify the appropriate cap and static mixer combination.

The MBH and MBHX Series static mixers come in a variety of sizes and will mix virtually any 2-part material including epoxies, silicones, urethanes, acrylics and polyesters.

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  1. MBHX 06-20T Static Mixer
    MBHX 06-20T Static Mixer
    Length: 156.7mm
    Content Volume: 3.88ml
    As low as $1.15
  2. MBHX 06-16T Static Mixer
    MBHX 06-16T Static Mixer
    Length: 131mm
    Content Volume: 3.14ml
    As low as $1.12
  3. MBHX 04-16S Static Mixer
    MBHX 04-16S Static Mixer
    Length: 96mm
    Content Volume: 1.15ml
    As low as $0.56
  4. MBHX 03-16S Static Mixer
    MBHX 03-16S Static Mixer
    Length: 77mm
    Content Volume: 0.60ml
    As low as $0.52
  5. MBH 06-20T Static Mixer
    MBH 06-20T Static Mixer
    Length: 157mm
    Content Volume: 3.88ml
    As low as $1.15
  6. MBH 06-16T Static Mixer
    MBH 06-16T Static Mixer
    Length: 132mm
    Content Volume: 3.14ml
    As low as $1.15
  7. MBH 05-20T Static Mixer
    MBH 05-20T Static Mixer
    Length: 132.8mm
    Content Volume: 2.37ml
    As low as $1.15
  8. MBH 05-16T Static Mixer
    MBH 05-16T Static Mixer
    Length: 111.8mm
    Content Volume: 2.04ml
    As low as $1.11
  9. MBH 04-16S Static Mixer
    MBH 04-16S Static Mixer
    Length: 96mm
    Content Volume: 1.2ml
    As low as $0.85
  10. MBH 03-16S Static Mixer
    MBH 03-16S Static Mixer
    Length: 76.5mm
    Content Volume: 0.59ml
    As low as $0.81
  11. MBH 03-12S Static Mixer
    MBH 03-12S Static Mixer
    Length: 63.5mm
    Content Volume: 0.51ml
    As low as $0.70
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