MCH & MCHX Series Static Mixers

SULZER MIXPAC® manufactures the STATOMIX® MCH and MCHX Cartridge static mixers. They were developed for the MIXPAC® 200 and MIXPAC® 400 Cartridge Systems. The unique element design achieves proper mixing with minimal resistance, which is highly beneficial for manually powered dispensing. In addition, the MCX version has a patented design that centers the smaller stream of catalyst in 4:1 and 10:1 formulations.

MCH and MCHX Series static mixers come in a wide variety of sizes and will mix virtually any 2-part material including epoxies, silicones, urethanes, acrylics and polyesters. The MCH Cartridge static mixer has an industry standard connection which allows it to be used with other large cartridge systems.

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  1. MCH 10-24D Static Mixer
    MCH 10-24D Static Mixer
    Length: 276mm
    Content Volume: 14.6ml
  2. MCHX 13-12T Static Mixer
    MCHX 13-12T Static Mixer
    Length: 192mm
    Content Volume: 15.5ml
  3. MCHX 10-24T Static Mixer
    MCHX 10-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 275mm
    Content Volume: 14.6ml
  4. MCHX 10-18T Static Mixer
    MCHX 10-18T Static Mixer
    Length: 215mm
    Content Volume: 12.3ml
  5. MCHX 10-12T Static Mixer
    MCHX 10-12T Static Mixer
    Length: 155mm
    Content Volume: 9.6ml
  6. MCHX 08-24T Static Mixer
    MCHX 08-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 230mm
    Content Volume: 8.5ml
  7. MCHX 08-18T Static Mixer
    MCHX 08-18T Static Mixer
    Length: 182mm
    Content Volume: 6.7ml
  8. MCH 13-32T Static Mixer
    MCH 13-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 379mm
    Content Volume: 35.4ml
  9. MCH 13-24T Static Mixer
    MCH 13-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 293mm
    Content Volume: 27.3ml
  10. MCH 13-18T Static Mixer
    MCH 13-18T Static Mixer
    Length: 231mm
    Content Volume: 21ml
  11. MCH 13-12T Static Mixer
    MCH 13-12T Static Mixer
    Length: 192mm
    Content Volume: 15.5ml
  12. MCH 10-32T Static Mixer
    MCH 10-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 352mm
    Content Volume: 21.8ml
  13. MCH 05-18T Static Mixer
    MCH 05-18T Static Mixer
    Length: 121mm
    Content Volume: 2.1ml
  14. MCH 10-24T Static Mixer
    MCH 10-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 276mm
    Content Volume: 14.6ml
  15. MCH 10-18T Static Mixer
    MCH 10-18T Static Mixer
    Length: 214mm
    Content Volume: 12.3ml
  16. MCH 08-32T Static Mixer
    MCH 08-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 287mm
    Content Volume: 11.5ml
  17. MCH 08-24T Static Mixer
    MCH 08-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 223mm
    Content Volume: 8.5ml
  18. MCH 08-18T Static Mixer
    MCH 08-18T Static Mixer
    Length: 177mm
    Content Volume: 6.7ml
  19. MCH 06-32T Static Mixer
    MCH 06-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 234mm
    Content Volume: 6.6ml
  20. MCH 06-24T Static Mixer
    MCH 06-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 185mm
    Content Volume: 4.2ml
  21. MCH 06-18T Static Mixer
    MCH 06-18T Static Mixer
    Length: 149mm
    Content Volume: 3.6ml
  22. MCH 05-32T Static Mixer
    MCH 05-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 188mm
    Content Volume: 2.8ml
  23. MCH 05-24T Static Mixer
    MCH 05-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 149mm
    Content Volume: 2.3ml
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