Sulzer Mixpac Dispensing Guns

SULZER MIXPAC® manufactures a line of manual and pneumatic dispensers for two component cartridges.  The manual dispensing guns are available for 50, 200, and 400 ml cartridges.  The pneumatic guns are available for 200 and 400 ml cartridges.  These dispensers are designed for high performance applications and manufactured with reliable materials.

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  1. PLS 051-10
    PLS 051-10
    As low as $4.20
  2. DS 51-10-00
    DS 51-10-00
    As low as $42.82
  3. PLA 050-10
    PLA 050-10
    As low as $3.71
  4. DP 400-85-10
    DP 400-85-10
    As low as $559.35
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